List of Services

Stirling Architects, Inc. follows a dedicated work process with the objective of ensuring that your project is planned, organized, and executed efficiently.

Project Startup
At the beginning of a project, we will establish the goals, scope, budget, schedule, and initial code and zone check.

After in-depth interviews with the client and other involved groups, we compile a detailed description of space needs, space sizes, spatial relationships, furnishings and equipment, public and private needs, and other information relevant to the project.

Site Analysis
We analyze the site as it pertains to the needs of the client. This includes analyzing views, access, sun, shade, circulation, zoning constraints, context, and other factors that affect the site and its use.

Schematic Design
We prepare several schemes showing different possible solutions that meet the requirements of both the client and the site analysis. Once a preferred scheme is selected, we begin the regulatory approval process and obtain a preliminary cost estimate.

Design Development
We prepare detailed drawings that further define the building and its’ materials. We begin investigating preliminary construction methods, and determine the initial consultant coordination and scope of work to finalize the overall design.

Planning Submittal & Coordination
We produce and coordinate all necessary drawings and documents for planning commission hearings, design review, or city council meetings.

Construction Documents
We prepare all necessary drawings needed to enable the client to obtain permits and cost. These drawings enable the contractor to build the client’s project.

We assist the client in obtaining bids for the work through competitive bidding or direct negotiating with a contractor(s).

Construction Administration
At the owner’s request, we provide construction monitoring for design conformance, advise on payments to the contractor, answer construction questions, and assist in conflict resolution.

Additional Services
These services can include: land planning, extensive code and zone check for purchasing land, feasibility studies, special presentations, design build drawings, reviewing and preparing as built drawings, zoning approvals, graphics, computer modeling and post-occupancy evaluations.

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